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Respirana is developing a proprietary, breakthrough technology for emergency ventilation, marked by its affordability, ease-of-use, agility and precision. 

Introducing VentPAL

VentPAL is our revolutionary, hands-free, automated resuscitator.

Respirana ventilation device
  • In ER and hospital floor settings, intra-hospital and ground transport, VentPAL can virtually eliminate the need for manual bagging with BVMs once a patient is intubated.

  • Our technology is ideal for integration with Automated Chest Compression Devices (ACCDs), to help improve outcomes in cardiac arrest.

Our Solution
VentPAL provides breaths with precise delivery of respiratory rate and tidal volume, making it a substantially safer and more resource-efficient solution than manual resuscitation solutions. 

“Research has shown that providers consistently demonstrate unsafe performance with manual ventilation in all populations. In one study, healthcare providers of all experience levels hyperventilated patients 79% of the time.”

Culbreth & Gardenshire, “Manual bag valve mask ventilation performance among respiratory therapists”, Oct. 2020

Cardiac Arrest:
An Unabated Killer

Man in cardiac arrest
  • Leading cause of death, with low survivability (only ~1 in 10)

  • Over 600,000 Americans die each year due to Cardiac Arrest, at a cost of $60B

  • No significant breakthroughs to improve outcomes since the advent of AEDs (defibrillators) in the 1970s

  • Ventilation plays a critical role in resuscitation, usually performed manually

  • Recent research demonstrates that synchronizing mechanical ventilation with automated chest compression devices (ACCDs), key biometrics improve during resuscitation.

The combination of modularity, affordability, simplicity and agility make Respirana's  technology ideal to integrate with ACCDs and other new technologies.

Breakthrough Technology

Agile, reliable, and easy to operate, our cost-effective solution is built on a robust, modular, upgradable platform.

Excellent for sustained, precise critical emergency ventilation


Costs a fraction of what mainstream critical care and mobile transport ventilators cost


Easy to set-up and intuitive to use; minimal training needed

Automated, hands-free operation frees up manpower


Replaceable cylinder drive; durable, upgradable controller 


No calibration or maintenance required

Agile, low profile design


About Respirana, Inc.

Respirana, Inc. was formed in March 2020, in response to the  unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, by a cross-functional team of experienced medical device professionals. We identified an urgent market need that would outlast the pandemic: a device more affordable than a high-ticket ICU ventilator, yet safer and more consistent than the basic, manual "ambu-bag" solution. In just a few months, our team developed the first iteration of a groundbreaking, production-scalable emergency resuscitation system based on an innovative modular technology platform.  


A large percentage of the world's population still has a significant scarcity of ventilators, with no viable and affordable solutions in sight. Respirana is geared up to meet that need, providing a safe and low-cost solution suitable for stockpiling in the U.S. and abroad.

Our long-term vision is to become a pre-eminent global provider of affordable and effective ventilatory solutions, based on our groundbreaking platform.
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