Respirana, Inc. is on a mission to provide a simpler, safer, more cost-effective ventilation solution.
We're introducing a revolutionary, hands-free, automated resuscitator.
Agile, reliable, and easy to operate, our cost-effective solution is built on a robust, modular, upgradable platform.

Respirana's automated resuscitator provides breaths with precise delivery of respiratory rate and tidal volume, making it a substantially safer and more resource-efficient solution than manual and pneumatic resuscitation solutions. 

Costs a fraction of what self-powered ventilators cost


Easy to set-up and intuitive to use

Automated, hands-free operation frees up manpower


Reusable cylinder drive 


No calibration or maintenance required

Agile, low profile design

In ER and ICU settings, intra-hospital and ground transport, our solution can virtually eliminate the need for issue-prone manual resuscitation, once a patient is intubated.

“Research has shown that providers consistently demonstrate unsafe performance with manual ventilation in all populations. In one study, healthcare providers of all experience levels hyperventilated patients 79% of the time.”

Culbreth & Gardenshire, “Manual bag valve mask ventilation performance among respiratory therapists”, Oct. 2020


Respirana, Inc. was formed in March 2020, in response to the  unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, by a cross-functional team of experienced medical device professionals. We identified an urgent market need that would outlast the pandemic: a device more affordable than a high-ticket ICU ventilator, yet safer and more consistent than the basic, manual "ambu-bag" solution. In just a few months, our team developed the first iteration of a groundbreaking, production-scalable emergency resuscitation system based on an innovative modular technology platform.  


A large percentage of the world's population still has a significant scarcity of ventilators, with no viable and affordable solutions in sight. Respirana is geared up to meet that need, providing a safe and low-cost solution suitable for stockpiling in the U.S. and abroad.

Our long-term vision is to become a pre-eminent global provider of affordable and effective ventilatory solutions, based on our groundbreaking platform.